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  • What kind of Doodles do you raise?
    The pups are F3 Miniature Labradoodles . An F3 Miniature Labradoodle is also often called a Multigenerational Miniature Labradoodle. The letter “F” stands for “filial hybrid”. So, this simply means a mixed breed dog. The number 3 refers to the level of generation of the pups. First generation mixes can be unpredictable because puppies can inherit any traits from either parent. Since our both our Sire and Dam possess certain desirable traits such as a high level of intelligence, a hypoallergenic coat, and a congenial temperament we are confident that your puppy will have the same traits.
  • What is the typical size of your Doodles pups?
    Both male and female Miniature Labradoodle puppies are in the range of 14 to 20 pounds. Not too small, not too big... they're just right!
  • What is the typical temperament of your Doodles?
    In general, Miniature Labradoodles are known for their calm temperament, intelligent, and sophisticated gait. They are considered fantastic family dogs! Our pups are extra special because of their loving personalities, affinity for children, and enjoyment of being in the center of the action. Their keen intuition and aptitude for routine allows them to judge when it is play time, work time, and snuggle time.
  • Do you have a health guarantee?
    Snicker Doodles Pups offers a 1 Year Health Warranty for genetic conditions.
  • Can Doodles be registered?
    Our Multigenerational/F3 Miniature Labradoodles cannot be registered. But there are many fun clubs and groups dedicated to Miniature Labradoodles!
  • How much are your Doodles?
    Males: $2,800 Females: $3,000
  • Do you have a waitlist?
    We do have a waitlist for our Miniature Labradoodle Pups. Our wait time can be up to a year, depending on the gender of puppy you are interested in and the number of people currently on the waitlist.
  • How do we get on your waitlist?
    To get on our waitlist, please contact us! Use our online form to share your name, contact information, and the details about your ideal puppy. We will acknowledge your response, let you know how long of a wait to expect, and go over the purchase process with you.
  • Do you have a deposit?
    A deposit of $500 is required to reserve your pup. Your deposit is non-refundable after 24 hours. The remaining balance is to be paid upon pickup.
  • What is the process for choosing a pup?
    As soon as a litter is born, priority is given to the families on our Waitlist. Once they have chosen their new fur babies, the rest of the litter will be listed on the Available Pups page of our website. If you are interested in a particular puppy, you may pay the non-refundable deposit online. The deposit holds your Doodle pup. We will then begin communicating with you! Sending you messages, posting photos on our Instagram account, and keeping in contact is a very important part of the process of ensuring that our pups bond with their fur-ever families.
  • When can I meet my pup?
    Once you have put down a deposit on your pup, the countdown begins! For the health and safety of everybody, we wait until six weeks of age to introduce our Doodles to their new families. Meet and greets are done by appointment only.
  • Will my pup be vaccinated before I pick it up?
    Yes. Your pup will have already taken their first trip to the vet! He or she will be examined for genetic abnormalities and given their first round of puppy shots.
  • What will come home with my pup on pickup day?
    We want to make sure that you are prepared! Your pup will come with: One year health guarantee for genetic conditions. First vaccination. Vet clearance, 6week veterinary check-up. De-worming. A toy that has absorbed the litter's scent. Puppy food. A folder containing your puppy's health records and vaccination information.
  • What supplies do you recommend that I have on hand for my pup?
    Being prepared is one of the most important parts of raising a puppy! We recommend that our fur-ever families have the following prior to pick-up day: Specially-formulated Puppy Food. (Pups have different needs than adult dogs! Your pup is currently eating Purina Pro Plan Chicken & Rice Formula. It can be purchased at many major pet stores and even Tractor Supply.) Stainless Steel Food & Water Bowls (These won't break or absorb odors, plus they are easy to clean.) Collar Identification tags 4' Nylon Leash (.5" - .75" wide is best for pups.) Metal Crate (Preferably with a divider, large enough to accommodate your puppy when pup is full grown. We recommend the medium size.) Pet Stain Remover (We recommend Nature's Miracle because it specially formulated for doggie odors and enzymes.) Slicker Brush (This one is the top rated choice for Doodles.) Puppy Shampoo (We use TropiClean, by recommendation of our groomer.) Quality Chew Toys (Safety is an important thing to keep in mind while easing teething. We trust anything Kong brand.) Small Play Yard (Think of it as a play pen to keep your pup safe!) Do you need more recommendations? We would be happy to share our favorite pet products and service providers with you!
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